How can REORGadon save me money?

The traditional approach to control data set reorganization requires exclusive control of the system. Although not impossible, most 24×7 shops would rather let production processing and other activity continue than incur an outage. HSM is an integral and intertwined part of a z/OS system. Batch reorganization methodology dictates that HSM processing must be stopped on all systems where HSM is using a control data set. No data set RECALLs, migrations, HSM backups, or space management can take place until the reorganization is complete and the HSM address space is restarted.

Why is REORGadon Necessary for a SDSP?

HSM SDSPs are VSAM key sequence data sets (KSDS). These SDSPs contain records that consist of complete images of small data sets that have been migrated.

Since SDSPs are VSAM KSDS files, they can eventually appear to be full due to CI and CA splits even though much free space still exists throughout the file. When an SDSP appears to be full, HSM issues message ARC0542I and migration will not attempt to use that SDSP until it no longer appears full.

Without REORGadon, IBM documents:

  • You can reorganize the SDSP data set by using the Access Method Services EXPORT and IMPORT commands. Then, use the DFSMShsm ADDVOL command to add the ML1 volume to DFSMShsm again and specify the SMALLDATASETPACKING parameter to make the volume eligible for SDSP data set selection again.

Using REORGadon / HSM Online Reorg.

DINO Software has developed REORGadon to address the problems and restrictions associated with batch reorganization of HSM control data sets and small data set packing data sets. REORGadon provides the HSM administrator an online option for reorganization of HSM CDS and SDSP files.